• It is true that without our volunteers, Second Chance SPCA would not be where it is today. Volunteers, we depend on you to help us with the ordinary and with the EXTRAordinary.

    Just look at what our best scout troop just did for us. To keep our little four-legged guests from having wet feet when it rains, Liam Bramble and his Scout team installed the gutters on our dog runs.


    And while Liam and his teammates were doing their thing, here is the team that was taking care of the grounds, helping spread a ton of mulch. THANK YOU to all of you, it was needed.

    Don’t they look like they deserve a break…

    And last but certainly not least, and certainly not a show-off, a SHINY CLEAN VAN. Thank you to all of y’all who spent your Saturday cleaning the shelter van, inside and out. Inside for our little friends and outside for everybody to see.