• Little Bosco came to us as a foster after having undergone quite serious hip surgery. Despite his suffering at such a tender age, he was always very gentle and accommodating. He never complained even though he would have had plenty of reason to do so.

    A few weeks turned into months, we became used to caring for the little guy. Bosco was born with dysplasia, and whereas his situation improved some with the surgery, it was far from optimal. As things progressed, the diagnosis now called for a further and more radical surgery which caused Bosco to lose his leg.

    Be it as it may, and still without complaining we brought him home. He loves car rides, and since he cannot jump into the car, we lift him in and he enjoys the ride with his friend Max – the dude right next to him in the Happy Tails.

    Sometimes we take him at night just for a short ride before we retire for the day. As the title to this section says – only happiness and unconditional love – that’s what an animal brings you. He makes us laugh, when Max stands there, in the middle of the car and Bosco rolls around like a little wiener in the slightest turn. Does he complain? Never. It is like he was saying “do it again, that was fun!”

    Things are definitely looking up

    Some call this a “failed foster”. Personally, I take issue with that. Just tell me what failed. We, the humans are the ones who benefit.

    Enjoying the sunshine

    Here are some milestones in my early life… Bosco