Need a gift Idea?


How about a donation to Second Chance SPCA!  It’s quick and easy!

We’ll send a donation letter to you stating that a donation has been made in honor of your recipient. OR better yet, we’ll even mail the letter to the recipient for you!

Vet Costs are our #1 expense. Your gift can sponsor any number of standard and life-saving medical treatments listed. ANY donation amount helps.

  • $30 Basic entry vaccinations for disease prevention
  • $60 Neuter of a cat or dog (male)
  • $75 Spay of a cat or dog (female)
  • $180 Total vet for a cat or kitten
  • $200 Total vet care for a dog or puppy



Many of our rescue dogs are found to be heartworm-positive. This is a treatable and preventable condition.

  • level-1: treat heartworm disease for a small dog
  • level-2: treat heartworm disease for a medium dog
  • level-3: treat heartworm disease for a large dog

On average, we pay:

  • $450 – 750 for Heartworm treatment, depending on the size of the dog or puppy



Select Cat, Dog, or General.

  • Platinum Sponsor – $5,000
  • Gold Sponsor – $3,000
  • Silver Sponsor – $1,000
  • Bronze Sponsor – $500


Use the one of the button below to Donate, or go to our Facebook page, or send us a check:

                        SCSPCA 1700 J Ave, Plano, TX 75024

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