• .... and here is Tito

  •  Tito came to Second Chance in June of 2022. After his stint as a street pup, getting hit by a car, doing time at county lockup, and a trip to the vet to get all fixed up, he came to be an adoptable dog at our shelter.

    Tito shelter
    Tito rambunctious bad boy!!!

    The first time our volunteer Jodi saw Tito, then “Heathcliff,” was in the big dog room. Tito had on his surgery cone, had matted hair, and absolutely no manners. His sweet face and freckles were too cute to pass up so Jodi went in to say “hi” to him. And what did Tito do? He wanted love so badly that he jumped on Jodi and she clanged her head on the kennel! Oops!

    A few weeks later, Second Chance had an on-site fundraiser event at Odd Muse Brewery. As a seasoned volunteer, Jodi was asked to escort an adoptable dog to the event. Jodi and her husband, Steve, decided to make a day of it. They went to the shelter to pick up the dog and to their surprise it was Tito! 

    Tito and beer. Another love story

    Tito was on his best behavior and enjoyed the car ride to the brewery, a day of pets and fun, and was able to meet a lot of new people and dogs. Steve and Jodi were able to enjoy the event, try a new beer, and help raise funds for the shelter. Towards the end of the event, a woman asked Steve if Tito was available for adoption. That’s when Jodi overheard him say, “No, he’s not.”

    This is what got him…

    To everyone’s surprise, that was Tito’s last day at the shelter! Steve and Jodi adopted Tito right then and there and immediately took him to Downtown Plano to celebrate with lunch and fun on the patio.

    That patio felt like home.

    Tito has been in his forever home for 3 months now. He’s a smart boy that’s learned a lot quickly. Tito has the basics down such as walking on a leash and sitting on command. He’s got some impressive tricks down already, too. He knows how to “spin,” “shake,” and “fetch.” Tito also knows advanced training such as using his communication buttons to alert his family when he needs to go outside to potty or when he wants to play. His next educational endeavor will be with jumps and agility challenges.

    Tito’s looks have changed as well. He’s gained over 15 pounds and his coat is soft and healthy. One of his new favorite things is a “brush-brush!” 

    He’s a spoiled boy with daily walks, an overflowing toy chest, delicious food, and lots of love and fun. He loves the dog park, watching the ducks at the park, ice, and hugs. He has come a long way in a short time! Tito is no longer the rambunctious street pup he once was. He’s now the sweetest and smartest Tito he can be. All he needed was a second chance.