• … and this is me today, finally wearing the headcover of my ancestors – le chapeau.

    Jessee, formerly JC, came to the shelter with his sister Heather. They spent some time at the shelter making friends with all the people around. Anthony and his family, especially his grandma, saw a picture of him and immediately fell in love with the boy. When they finally met, it was an instant connection. Today, Jessee is the guardian in chief. He watches the house, has an opinion on all who pass by and lets them know with a friendly, but stern, bark and does all the things a gentle giant will do. He goes for long walks in the forest, plays in the snow (when there is some that is!) and most of all loves to cuddle and give big slobbery smooches. Everybody should have a pal like that. He is a happy boy and we’re all better because of it.

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