• Maura will enroll dogs in training, bring in special treats, work with new volunteers, work with potential adopters and she also helps with fundraising. Anyone that knows Maura, knows her dedication to Second Chance SCPA. We meet many friends and colleagues of Maura's who otherwise may not have heard about Second Chance. We are truly blessed to have Maura working so hard for us! "This is very humbling and amazing!", she says.

    Q+A with Maura
    1.  When did you begin volunteering at Second Chance SPCA? I started volunteering about 2 1/2 years ago.
    2. What brought you to volunteer here? My sister, Marissa, had been volunteering and asked me to visit. I'm so grateful to her.
    3.  What keeps you volunteering? It's an opportunity to love an animal who may never have known a gentle touch. I learn from each person, especially Anne and Steph, to put the nonsense of life into perspective and believe in the goodness of people.
    4.Describe one memorable experience you have had while volunteering here. The joyful experiences are countless, but I think the adoption of our dear Quincy really affected me. It showed me that it might take a while, but each animal finds a loving home.

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