• Online Court Appointed Community Service

    Second Chance SPCA operates a no-kill animal shelter and is a volunteer based organization. SCSPCA rescues animals that are in danger of euthanasia from municipal shelters, and provides them routine vet care and a safe, loving environment until they are adopted into their
    permanent homes.

    Your time makes a real difference in the lives of both our animals and our human team.

    Anyone wanting to complete community service with SCSPCA will have to meet certain criteria in order to begin volunteering. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to anyone who doesn’t meet the requirements listed below.

    • Community Service Volunteers are required to be 18 years-old, or older.
    • Community Service Volunteers must have 40 hours of service required by the court.
    • Community Service Volunteers must disclose the charge to which they are completing the service for. Depending on the offense, you may not be allowed to volunteer.
    • Community Service Volunteers will need to pay an administrative fee of $25 – This includes a shirt that you will wear when volunteering.
    • Community Service Volunteers are required to wear closed-toed shoes
    • Community Service Volunteers are required to complete the following application, and sign all release forms
    • Community Service Volunteers are required to attend an orientation prior to any volunteering
    • Community Service Volunteers must work with an experienced volunteer for 2 shifts, before volunteering on their own. We do have limited spots available for new volunteers, so that they can be properly trained.
    • Community Service Volunteers are required to bring the paperwork to be signed at each shift worked. You are responsible for letting us know of any required documentation that you will need in advance.
    • Community Service Volunteer duties will be assigned by the Shift Leader, and may vary from duties performed by regular volunteers.

    We are open to the public 7 days a week, and have opportunities to complete your service hours during our business hours. Our business hours are 1-7, Monday-Friday and 12-5, Saturday-Sunday.

    Please complete the questions below, sign the release and email or mail the form to us. Once we have received the application and the release, we will email you for orientation.



    1. I hereby agree to accept a position in a voluntary capacity as a community service volunteer for Second Chance SPCA (hereinafter referred to as SCSPCA). I understand that the term VOLUNTARY means the way in which actions or services are rendered to SCSPCA. Such actions or services are rendered to SCSPCA with generous and charitable motives. No liability whatsoever will be incurred by SCSPCA to anyone who performs voluntary actions or services.
    I understand that the term VOLUNTEER means a person who freely chooses and renders services to SCSPCA in a voluntary capacity.
    2. I fully understand and agree that my services are provided strictly in a VOLUNTEER capacity without any express or implied promise of salary, commission, or payment of any kind whatsoever, and without any employment-type benefits, including but not limited to employment insurance programs, workers compensation accrual in any form, or sick, holiday, or annual leave time.
    3. I agree to familiarize myself with SCSPCA policies and procedures. I will fully comply with both the letter and the spirit of these procedures.
    4. I fully understand that SCSPCA expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment of animals under its care. I agree to strictly adhere to these standards in my voluntary capacity at SCSPCA.
    5. I fully understand and agree that either for failure to comply with any and all of the obligations outlined in this Volunteer Agreement, or for any reason whatsoever, while performing my voluntary services to SCSPCA in a voluntary capacity, SCSPCA at its sole discretion, may immediately terminate my volunteer services.
    6. I agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless SCSPCA for any and all damage to my personal property while performing as a community service VOLUNTEER in a VOLUNTEER CAPACITY any and all duties for SCSPCA.
    7. I recognize that in handling animals at SCSPCA in a VOLUNTEER CAPACITY there exists a risk of injury or sickness, including personal injury or harm. On behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives, and executors, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless SCSPCA, its agent, servants and employees from any and all claims, causes of action or demands, of any nature or cause connected with my Volunteer Agreement. This might include a connection with my VOLUNTEER services based on damages which may be incurred or sustained by me in any way. Such damages or injuries might include but are not limited to animal bites, accidents, injuries, and personal property damage.
    8. I understand that public relations are an important part of volunteering at SCSPCA. I agree, therefore, on behalf of myself, my heirs, personal representatives, and executors to allow SCSPCA to use any photograph or video recording taken of me for use in public relations efforts. Any photographic or video images which I produce, in a VOLUNTEER CAPACITY, will become the sole property of SCSPCA and as such, they may use them in any way they see fit. SCSPCA will use reasonable efforts to notify me but such notification is not a condition of use under the auspices of SCSPCA.
    9. I will not, under any condition, serve as an SCSPCA community service volunteer while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance.