Over the years SCSPCA has rescued many pets, and all of them have touched the heart for their rescuers, volunteers, and families that kindly open their loving homes to them. Over time, we have learned about some pets that we could not save, and others that are no longer with us, but we believe they crossed over the rainbow.
    This page is dedicated to all those trusting and loving dogs out there who have made our lives better by being in them.
    This is a little memorial to remember our dear furry friends that we miss now and forever. If you would like to share the story of yours, please submit it at the bottom of this page.

  • Bree, Gentle Giant

    I had the honor of being Bree's mom for the last three years of her life. I met her when I volunteered at Second Chance, and it broke my heart when no one showed interest in adopting this gentle giant.  I would tell my husband about the older, sweet baby who’d been at the shelter longer than any of the other residents, and we eventually decided it was time to expand our pack.

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    You were our Sweet Millie Sue,
    and You were a good girl too.
    We picked you up at Second Chance.
    You’d greet us at the gate with a hula dance.
    You made us smile all through the day.
    You liked to go out and play.
    Mouse-Rats and Squirrels once feared you,
    as well as lizards, cats, and birds too.
    It was under the shed you would hide,
    and your time you would bide.
    Waiting for Opie the Opossum to arrive. 

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