The person who will adopt the animal must appear in person, and meet the requirements listed under How to Adopt.” You will visit with an adoption Counselor who will discuss your plans for the animal, and your ability and willingness to meet the animal’s needs. Our priority is placing each animal in a great situation, so no animal is returned. We want you and your chosen pet to be a wonderful match!

Our address is 1700 J Avenue, Plano, TX 75074

We are a non-profit rescue shelter, and all our funds are generated through fundraising and adoption fees. Most area shelters receive money from their city. We work diligently to keep our adoption fees low so they won’t be a barrier to adoptions.

No. We work with East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital for medical services for our animals. If you need Vet services, please find a practice near you. Other pet owners may offer referrals.

Unfortunately, no. Once animals are made available for adoption, they go to the first qualified person who completes the adoption process.

Part of our reason for discussing your interest in an animal is to understand your home and how the new animal will fit in. If you have a dog and want to adopt another, we have an area where you can bring your dog for a “meet and greet” with the new dog. We know a lot about our animals, but the work of making them feel at home and training them does fall to you.

Sorry, we do not allow adoptions unless the new “owner/parent” is present. We need to be sure the person who will keep the animal is a good fit for the dog or cat you have in mind. Bring the person in…you might be surprised about which animal they bond with!

No, we do not accept surrenders. Please take the animal to your town’s Animal Services shelter. We only rescue FROM municipal shelters, rescuing animals in danger of euthanasia.

We occasionally have a situation where, for example, a child proves to be allergic or the dog or cat battles with the current pet. First, we try to help you work through the problem. If it can’t be resolved, part of the adoption contract is that you must return the animal to Second Chance. We will take care of the animal and find it a new home. The original adoption fee is not refundable if an animal is returned.

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Yes! Also, we’re always in need of litter, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Click here to see a more detailed list of our current needs. Thank you!