Ode to Millie Sue


You were our Sweet Millie Sue,

and You were a good girl too.

We picked you up at Second Chance.

You’d greet us at the gate with a hula dance.

You made us smile all through the day.

You liked to go out and play.

Mouse-Rats and Squirrels once feared you,

as well as lizards, cats, and birds too.

It was under the shed you would hide,

and your time you would bide.

Waiting for Opie the Opossum to arrive.

You liked to bite the water hose,

and bathe in the sun,

and to clapping and cheers you’d run, run, run.

You enjoyed hanging out on the patio with

Mommy and her cocktails, and Daddy with his beers.

You were afraid of thunder storms,

and kept us awake during all of the racket,

until we wrapped you in your thunder jacket.

You liked to follow Granny around, and

under our feet you often would be found.

You enjoyed looking out of the window and

barking at all of our neighbors.

Patrolling our yard & house was your greatest labor.

You were more of a cat-dog than a lap dog,

but we loved you just the same.

You were so sick, yet never complained.

Thank you for the hugs, and stinky wet kisses.

To you Millie Sue are our final wishes:

May you find your place over the Rainbow

Bridge and among other pets that have left us,

And be there when the day comes to greet us.

Rest in Peace Sweet Millie Sue.

We love you.