Over the years SCSPCA has rescued many pets, and all of them have touched the heart for their rescuers, volunteers, and families that kindly open their loving homes to them. Over time, we have learned about some pets that we could not save, and others that are no longer with us, but we believe they crossed over the rainbow.
This page is dedicated to all those trusting and loving dogs and cats out there who have made our lives better by being in them.
This is a little memorial to remember our dear furry friends that we miss now and forever. If you would like to share the story of yours, please submit it at the bottom of this page.

Gussie Mae

Our sweet, Gussie Mae (formerly Paulina, adopted in 2011) passed away today. She was loved in our family for 12 years. Thank you so much, Second Chance SPCA, for taking her in all those years ago. Without you, we would never have had the joy of her presence in our family.

A perfect companion!


On March 7th, 2015, just after a late winter snowfall in Texas, Coco (then known as Geraldine) rescued me during a time in my life when I was struggling with depression. As a senior dog, her personality was a perfect fit for my low-key lifestyle. She enjoyed long naps by her favorite window, as well as walks in her stroller. She found peace in the quiet comfort of our apartment, in which we were the only occupants. Her golden years were spent in a home full of love and without worry, just as every dog’s life should be. While I was heartbroken when she crossed the rainbow bridge on January 4, 2018, I remain grateful for the almost three years we had together.

A beautiful life


I adopted Lucas from Second Chance SPCA 14 years ago....in the old building off Plano Pkwy. He was a great dog and had a wonderful home for 14 years. He loved his daily walks. Lucas passed away last week but he ended his life with lots of hugs and a long walk. The home will be quiet without Lucas. Trina

This is Hope


who we adopted in February 2009. She was only 13 weeks old when we adopted her from SCSPCA. We lost her at the young age of 9 due to her having two aggressive tumors. I often wonder how her 4 siblings are doing.

Our Hank

We were beyond blessed to have our Hank. To learn, grow, and bond with for so many years. We fostered Hank and his brother for several months…. finally, we had gotten my dad’s approval for adoption.

Ode to Millie Sue

Millie Sue

You were our Sweet Millie Sue, and You were a good girl too. We picked you up at Second Chance. You’d greet us at the gate with a hula dance. You made us smile all through the day. You liked to go out and play. Mouse-Rats and Squirrels once feared you, as well as lizards, cats, and birds too. It was under the shed you would hide, and your time you would bide. Waiting for Opie the Opossum to arrive.

Bree, Gentle Giant


I had the honor of being Bree's mom for the last three years of her life. I met her when I volunteered at Second Chance, and it broke my heart when no one showed interest in adopting this gentle giant. I would tell my husband about the older, sweet baby who’d been at the shelter longer than any of the other residents, and we eventually decided it was time to expand our pack.


This is our boy, Snowflake, or “Sam” as he was called at SCSPCA. We adopted Snowflake in March of 2008 when he was just a puppy. He had several siblings up for adoption as well but Snowflake had potty trained himself so I thought that was a pretty good sign that he was the dog for us. And, I was correct. Snowflake was the best dog in the world. He was loving, gentle, obedient, playful, and all the things a dog is supposed to be. We lost him this week at almost 14 years old to lymphoma and he has left a hole in our family. He is the measuring stick by which I will measure all future pets. I am so thankful to SCSPCA for giving me the opportunity to love him for almost 14 years.

Little Ash


A sweet little guy whose passage on this earth and among us almost went unnoticed. He was with us for such a short time that most of us were not even aware of his existence. He came incognito and went incognito, but did his life, short though it was, ever make a difference for the shelter in ways that we ever could have imagined! Ash, we did not get to enjoy your happy presence for long, but your life was not in vain. Thank you. Ash came to us with an advanced stage of Parvo. Time is precious in cases like these, unfortunately, it did not play in Ash’s favor, and he left us at the ER.

Our Ally



We adopted Ally from Second Chance SPCA on September 17, 2015, and said goodbye to her on October 22, 2021. Our six years with Ally were filled with walks, pets, hanging out with "dad" in his office while he worked, getting comforted by "mom" during thunderstorms, treats, and an abundance of love. Ally was so loyal and we had a very special connection. We loved caring for her even in her old age and we definitely feel that we are missing a piece of our hearts. We are so thankful for our time with her and will miss her so much.




we will all miss you cruelly

Rest In Peace Big Boy

Allez Jessee!!!
Jessee and Heather in 2015
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